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Johnny Depp Anonymous

...for every type of fan...

Depp Anonymous, for all types of fans
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Rules, Regulations, and Other Bits of Info

This is a community specifically about the actor Johnny Depp and information, news, pictures, etc. about him. It's open to anyone, as long as things don't get out of control. If I find posts that are not applicable to anything about Johnny, I will delete them.

Icons, banners, wallpapers, and everything else that people ask to be credited for, please abide by the rules and credit them. Unlike some of the other Johnny Depp communities, I am allowing icons and other fancy things you guys make. I love original stuff, so I encourage you to share with us.

Posts don't have to include pictures, but it is highly recommended. News, interviews, articles, and polls are allowed also. If you include pictures, please put them under a cut if you have more than one. If you are posting a large picture, with more pixels than the width of the entry box, please put it under a cut.

Memes and quizzes go UNDER CUTS please.

Respect each other, be nice, love each other. We are all here for the same purpose. And remember, get people to join!!

Link to the community from YOUR info:

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-- Your moderator, karabearblu